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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I've Been Bad

I know i've been really bad about updating my blog. I'm going to try really really hard to post more often. I've been busy. I had a huge yard sale yesterday because i'm getting rid of the old and hopefully i'll be able to have enough money to redecorate. I started painting my living room a couple weeks ago and i'm not finished because I ran out of paint!! lol. So today, i'm off to Lowe's to buy 3 more gallons of paint to finish up my hallway, living room & kitchen.

I went out last night with my daughter in law, her mom & her sisters for her sister Misty's birthday. They bowled (i can't because it hurts my wrist) and then we went to the Elephant Bar to eat. Oh my gosh, i really love their food there. I've eaten there before and it is sooooo good. I couldn't eat everything. I even had a drink. I'm not a big drinker (although i do like tequila!) and it was kind of sweet for me.

Tomorrow is back to work (yuck! but thankfully i have a good job). Evening i have a class at curves again. I've lost 13 pounds and my goal is to lose 7 more pounds in 3 weeks. We'll see as i'm going to take it as it comes.

Haven't done much scrappin lately. I did sell a bunch of handmades and various things that i've had for years that i've never used and it made one lady really happy as she walked away with a whole bunch of nice items!

Will blog again soon!!

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